2CHECKOUT Gateway Payment Process


2Chekcout portion entryway doesn’t seem to have the INS (minute portion see) turned on as per normal procedure. So you need to decide in your 2Checkout record that you have to send portion cautioning to the WP eStore module after a checkout. This will allow the module to do the post portion operation after an arrangement happens by method for the 2Checkout entry.


2Checkout doesn’t have a PayPal PDT like component where the trade purposes of intrigue are available on the “Thank You” page when a customer arrives on that page after the portion. This infers eStore can’t demonstrate the thing download joins on the “Thank You” page (eStore just gives the download joins after it affirms the portion purposes of intrigue).


2Checkout.com works by allowing vendors to recognize online portion for their stock and organizations. After you are embraced, consolidate your site with 2Checkouts using either our free Plug and Play truck or a shopping crate of your choice. Your customers will mastermind on your site, and after that remuneration inside 2Checkouts safe PCI predictable portion page. Right when the demand is done adequately, we will send the customer a demand assertion and thereafter send them back to your site.

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