Definition and History of Yii


Hawkscode Software’s Pvt Ltd represent Yii is an open source, protest arranged, part based MVC PHP web application structure. declared as “Yee” and in Chinese it signifies “straightforward and transformative” and it can be acronym for “Yes It Is”.
Yii began an endeavor to settle disadvantages of the PRADO system: Slow treatment of complex pages, soak expectation to absorb information and trouble to tweak many controls. In October 2006, following ten months of private improvement, the principal alpha adaptation of Yii was discharged, trailed by the formal 1.00 discharge in December 2008.

Yii 1.1 was discharged in January 2010 including a shape manufacturer, social Active record questions, a unit testing system and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. In May 2011 the engineers chose to utilize new PHP forms and settle compositional missteps. This prompted to variant 2.0 to which the primary submit was made around the same time. In May 2013 the Yii 2.0 code opened up to the world, trailed by the principal stable arrival of Yii 2.0 in October 2014. The present variant 2.0.9 likewise underpins PHP7.

Best Components of Yii

Display View-Controller (MVC) outline design. Era of complex WSDL benefits particulars and administration of Web administration ask for taking care of. Internationalization and restriction (I18N and L10N), involving message interpretation, date and time arranging, number designing, and interface limitation. Layered storing plan, which underpins information reserving, page storing, section storing and dynamic substance. The capacity medium of reserving can be changed. Mistake taking care of and logging. Log messages can be classified, sifted and directed to various goals. Efforts to establish safety incorporate aversion of cross-site scripting (XSS), cross-site ask for fraud (CSRF) and treat altering.