Best History and Definition of Zend Technology


Hawkscode SoftwaresPvt Ltd represent Zend Technologies was established by AndiGutmans and ZeevSuraski who, alongside other Israeli alumni of the Technion, additionally created PHP after its underlying creation by Rasmus Lerdorf. The name Zend is a blend of Suraski’s and Gutmans’ forenames, Zeev and Andi.

In 1997, Gutmans and Suraski reworked the parser of PHP-FI, initially composed by Lerdorf, bringing about PHP 3. In 1998 they overhauled that parser totally, and named it the Zend Engine. PHP 4 depends on the main adaptation of the Zend Engine. In 1999, their organization Zend Technology was formally settled and got introductory subsidizing from the Israeli investment reserves Platinum Neurone Ventures and Walden Israel. DoronGerstel, an accomplished business official, was enlisted to head the organization as CEO.In 2000 Jim Jagielski was procured as the CTO of US operations.In July 2004,Zend Technologies brought $8M up in an arrangement C subsidizing and set up its base camp in the USA. In January 2005 Intel Capital and SAP Ventures joined the current financial specialists in Zend Technology .In June 2006,Zend Technology got the Best Startup Software Company Award at the Israeli Venture Association Annual Hi Tech Conference in Tel Aviv. The honor was introduced by Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. In August 2006 Zend brought $20 Million up in an arrangement D subsidizing.

In February 2009, Zend’s Co-Founder AndiGutmans was selected as Chief Executive Officer, after already serving as the organization’s VP of Research and Development. Zend additionally enlisted Mark Burton, who already served as EVP of overall deals at MySQL, as Executive Chairman.