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Realex Payments is a division of Global Payments Inc. besides, European portion organization provider. In August 2013, an individual portion speak to buyers called Fire was impelled as a noteworthy part of Financial Services Limited. Taking after the securing of Realex Payments in March 2015, Financial Services Limited was renamed Fire Financial Services Limited and its thing rebranded as Pay with Fire. Fire Financial Services Limited now trades self-governingly of Realex Payments.

Taking after the acquirement, Payments appointed Gary Conroy as Managing Director. Gary Conroy joined Payments in 2005, serving as head working officer and representative CEO where he managed all customer defying parts of the business transversely over arrangements, showcasing, and operations.

Realex Payments, a division of Global Payments Inc., is one of Europe’s driving providers of web based business portion courses of action. We handle trades regarded in wealth of €35 billion for every annum in light of a legitimate concern for more than 14,000 clients. Installments was set up in 2000 by respect winning specialist Colm Lyon.

HawksCode Softwares Pvt. Ltd. Realex Payments ended up being a bit of the Global Payments framework in 2015.

Installment is the trusted portion assistant of boundless endeavors, for instance, Virgin Atlantic, Paddy Power and Aviva. We furthermore work with an immense number of little to medium measured associations, enabling them to scale their online business and augment their worldwide degree.

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