Stramofy – A Product of HawksCode

Stramofy – A Product of HawksCode

Everything around us always show signs of change .In innovation it is even more genuine. Today new age innovation is giving new definition to everything from correspondence to socialization, from shopping to voyaging. Instruction is not untouched by headway of PC innovation particularly in web improvement .Earlier when the classroom and instructing was the best approach to give training. “One Size Fits All” demeanor is changing and clearing a path for new period of “Individual Tutoring” now understudies have alternative to concentrate on the web, illuminate their questions and homework in a split second utilizing different sites and for an educator it opens different open doors for earing.

e-Learning is any discovering that uses gadgets like PC/PDA/Mobile as well as uses a system (LAN, WAN or Internet) for conveyance, association, or help. It can be synchronous , offbeat, educator drove or PC based or a mix.

Streamofy has top to bottom e-Learning space aptitude and gives custom e-Learning programming arrangements and e-learning programming item improvement for both classroom instruction and working environment preparing.

Streamofy is a worldwide based e-learning item and administrations organization. They give end-to-end answers for instructive organizations and have practical experience in e-learning Streamofy gives mixed learning administration through versatile learning and cloud based LMS.